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Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer's Paradise


Nathan Sheeran Vol 2: Drummer's Paradise


Licencja Creative Commons To dzieło, którego autorem jest Karoryfer Samples, dostępne jest na licencji Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Unported.

A collection of drum samples by Nathan Sheeran and crew. There is a total of seven acoustic drum kits, a house kit of synthesized drums, and some bongos and congas. There are no velocity layers or round robins (except for one folder of bongos with 4 to 9 round robins). These are great one-shot samples for drum and bass, or layering acoustic drums on top of synthesized ones. With all the bongos and congas and miscellaneous percussion in the house kit there's also a big variety of sounds for deep house, jungle terror or tropical house. There are even multiple cowbells, for those tracks that don't need less cowbell.

Here is a track using the funk kit for extra drum layers, though to practice truth in advertising, the main kick, snare and hi-hat layers are from the Rattly And Raw Martin France signature drum library. A whole bunch of our other libraries are also used - Swagbass, String Cyborgs, Cowsynth, Weresax, Shinyguitar and Karoryfer x bigcat cello.

The whole thing adds up to 216 WAV files adding up to 28.9 MB. There are also basic SFZ mappings for each kit. As usual with our releases this is a free download, and royalty-free for all use.