Karoryfer Lecolds
Karoryfer Lecolds

Virtual record label

We hurl ourselves into the unknown! Not out of despair, but to fill the wells of the absurd!

  1. We are Karoryfer (the name comes from a heating radiator, spelling has been unified).
  2. We promote and release.
  3. By name.
  4. We constitute a mutual admiration society, which you can join.
  5. At which point, we'll stop constituting one.
  6. We deal mostly with music, but don't have anything against the visual arts, either.
  7. We have a great love of money, but no idea how to make it.
  8. Nothing related to our label exists outside the Internet.
  9. Except for a few of the board members.
  10. We believe that the world and postmodernism have ended, and old fashioned values are alive and well.
  11. All of our releases owe their existence to a benevolent global network.
  12. We are taking the next step in the human evolution and moving into the virtual.
  13. We believe nothing can replace good old mp3s and jpegs.
  14. Physical media are merely an option.