Karoryfer Lecolds

Karoryfer Lecolds

Virtual record label


  1. How to download an album?

    Every release has a download link.

  2. How to release an album on Karoryfer Lecolds?

    Send us a recoridng, but we beg you, don't send us a CD or DVD. In the worst case send an USB stick. In the best - lecolds@karoryfer.com.

  3. Can I buy a CD from K:L?

    If you want to. We handle the following formats: CD, cassette tape, reel to reel tape, vinyl record. Mail us your address. We'll give you an account number and a price quote.

  4. How to contact K:L?

    See the "Contact" link.

  5. What browser do you recommend?

    A web browser. Definitely a web browser.

  6. Do you organize concerts?

    Sure. Who do you want to play?

  7. Does K:L have a Facebook page?

    Sure. Here is is. Like us, become a fan, fall in love with us, and dump us. All that is included in the price (free).

  8. Where is the K:L headquarters?

    Everywhere, in other words: everywhere. In the proverbial Internet.