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Karoryfer Lecolds presents a collection of sample libraries. We currently have one commercial drum kit, and 21 libraries you can download for free. The primary platform we use is the free Plogue sforzando sampler, although most of our instruments include all samples as wav files so you can use them in any sampler of your choice.

Swirly Drums: You get brushed drums with snare stirs and flutters that are flexible and controllable, a hi-hat with six degrees of openness, and extra kit pieces like China crash, brushed darbouka, and a cajon used as a kick. Instruments for both Plogue sforzando and NI Kontakt. This only costs $29 (plus VAT in the European Union).

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Our free libraries are:

Gogodze Phu Vol I: Download
A percussion collection with five bobobo drums from Ghana and a cajon recorded in Poland.

Marie Ork: Download
A voice bank for Plogue Alter/Ego. Capable of growling, singing, and many strange sounds.

Bear Sax: Download
A baritone saxophone made in 1926 by Conn.

War Tuba: Download
Over 1000 samples of folk-punk tuba.

Meatbass: Download
Our most popular library, this double bass is more folk/pop than classical.

Karoryfer x bigcat cello: Download
A flexible cello. Also with NI Kontakt version.

String Cyborgs: Download
Part violin family, part machine. Subtractive synthesizers using looped samples of bowed strings instead of synthesis.

Weresax: Download
Tenor sax samples.

Scarypiano: Download
Piano samples passed through scary effects.

Shinyguitar: Download
Shiny black archtop guitar sampled with both direct pickup signal and a microphone.

You can download an earlier version of Meatbass from external sites. We've also contributed SFZ mappings and Sforzando GUI to an enormously detailed free drum kit.

We started creating sample libraries for use in our own various projects. We are focusing on instrument libraries and virtual singers, rather than loop libraries or construction kits.

Our free sample libraries can be downloaded directly from this site - no registration, like or donation required. Most of these samples have a CC-BY attribution, but we only want attribution if you're going to redistribute these samples as samples or as part of larger sample libraries. If you are using them in tracks, feel free to ignore the attribution part with any of the instrument libraries.

Any questions or comments about our samples? Email samples@karoryfer.com