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Karoryfer Lecolds presents a collection of sample libraries. We currently have one commercial drum kit, and 21 libraries you can download for free. The primary platform we use is the free Plogue sforzando sampler, although most of our instruments include all samples as wav files so you can use them in any sampler of your choice.

Swirly Drums: Our first commercial product, this is a brushed drum kit with over 4500 samples. It includes brushed snare stirs which you can configure to use at any tempo and only costs $29 (plus VAT in the European Union).

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Our free libraries are:

Marie Ork: A cyborg goblin witch in the form of a voice bank for Plogue Alter/Ego made from recordings of a female death metal vocalist, capable of growling, singing, and many strange sounds.

Bear Sax: A baritone saxophone made in 1926 by Conn. Samples include cross-faded dynamic layers for the sustain notes, plus staccato, subtone and growl articulations and performance noises. Additional instruments include the shamanic Bearcussion and powerful Bearborg.

War Tuba: Over 1000 samples of folk-punk tuba, with simulated ensemble mappings and the very steampunk Tubaborg synth.

Meatbass: 434 samples of a 1958 Otto Rubner acoustic double bass including bowed notes, plucked notes plus various muted plucks and percussive noises. Arco is five velocity layers with two round robins across four octaves, pizzicato is four velocity layers with four round robins across three octaves, and percussion is eight different sounds with five round robins. More folk/pop than classical. A large and meaty bassist’s large and meaty bass.

Karoryfer x bigcat cello: A cello designed to be as flexible as possible, with controllable expressive vibrato and legato controls applied to close-miked samples. Sustain, staccato and pizzicato samples are included with up to four velocity layers and four round robins. Also with NI Kontakt version.

String Cyborgs: Part violin family, part machine. The three String Cyborgs – Zinc, Blackheart and Ironface – use the processed and looped sounds of bowed strings (cello and double bass) as oscillators, and place them in a synthesizer architecture with unison, detune, filters and even some humanization parameters. They are named after the three Roms from Albert Pyun’s movie Omega Doom - vicious, very advanced and even more fashionable killer droids. Hide your humans!

Weresax: Legends has it that that sometimes, when the moon shines just right, a saxophone starts to change into a Weresax! An alto saxophone with expressive vibrato controlled by several MIDI CC parameters, sampled chromatically with two velocity layers and two round robins. Two bonus instruments created using the same samples are also included – a faux accordion and a subtractive synthesizer!

Scarypiano: A special Halloween release, made from piano samples passed through a software that’s designed to be used for making monster voices in video and game post-production. Scarypiano has three voices – Scary, Scarier and Scariest, controlled by its bloody eyeballs for knobs. Get your spook on!

Shinyguitar: We sampled this shiny black archtop guitar using two methods- recording the direct output from the pickup, and with a microphone- so you can blend the acoustic and electric sounds together. Although archtop guitars are usually associated with jazz, the sounds here can actually get quite bright and aggressive if needed, especially with the microphone signal blended in. It is quite suitable for pop, EDM, hip-hop, funk, indie etc.

You can download an earlier version of Meatbass from external sites. We've also contributed SFZ mappings and Sforzando GUI to an enormously detailed free drum kit.

We started creating sample libraries for use in our own various projects. We are focusing on instrument libraries and virtual singers, rather than loop libraries or construction kits.

Our free sample libraries can be downloaded directly from this site - no registration, like or donation required. Most of these samples have a CC-BY attribution, but we only want attribution if you're going to redistribute these samples as samples or as part of larger sample libraries. If you are using them in tracks, feel free to ignore the attribution part with any of the instrument libraries.

Any questions or comments about our samples? Email samples@karoryfer.com