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Frankensnare 2018


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Snares which are huge, monstrous, organic and alive. Just like Dr. Viktor Frankenstein tried to put together the best parts of various humans, Frankensnare lets you create your own snares from a wide array of acoustic snare samples, from giants the diameter of a kick drum to a tiny 10" one, and also including the mad science "sympathy snares", which are recordings of a kick drum making six snares buzz sympathetically at once. There are also several varieties of claps, guitar chiks, and a tambourine. It all adds up to more than 3500 total samples.

Snares sampled:

  • 10"x6" ash snare: brushes and sticks
  • 12"x5" steel snare
  • 14"x5" maple snare: brushes and sticks
  • 14"x6.5" maple snare: normal and muted
  • 14"x8" aluminum snare: center hits and rimshots
  • 14"x8" birch snare
  • 18"x16" prepared birch tom
  • 20"x6" poplar snare: brushes, sticks and prepared
  • sympathy snare with 20"x20" kick
  • sympathy snare with 22"x16" kick
  • 13x9" birch snare: center hits, rimshots, and hits with tambourine on top
  • 14x5" mystery wood snare 
  • 16x7" sapele snare 
  • 20"x12" alder snare
  • 22"x5" mahogany snare: brushes, sticks and prepared 
  • 22"x14" prepared birch kick
  • three-drum ziggurat: hits on two different levels

    Walkthrough video part 1 - overview

    Walkthrough video part 2 - controls

    We came up with the concept for this while working on a track for a singer, and realizing that layering electronic snare samples for a huge sound is easy, but layering acoustic snares isn't nearly as convenient unless you use one-shot samples and therefore give up round robins, velocity layers, and all the organic nature of a well-sampled acoustic snare. Frankensnare lets you layer acoustic snare samples quickly and easily in one instance of a single plugin. It's the best of both worlds - the organic responsiveness of a well-sampled acoustic snare, and the power of a layered electronic snare.

    All samples are also included as unlocked WAV files, for those who'd like to layer them as one-shots, the traditional way.

    And here is the track which inspired the creation of Frankensnare. It uses the 14x8 birch snare, and towards the end of the verse the 80s sympathy and 10x6 snares join in to make a fuller sound. Also uses Swirly Drums for the kick and cymbals, Big Rusty Drums for the hi-hat, Gogodze Phu Vol I, String Cyborgs and Shinyguitar.