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Meatbass 2015


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This bass now has a big brother - Vengeful Bass is a much more detailed sample library recorded with the same bassist and same bass.

These are samples of a 1958 Otto Rubner acoustic double bass. WAV samples, SFZ mappings and Sforzando GUI. Arco, pizzicato and percussive noises sampled adding up to a total of 434 samples (though there are more files as there are looped and unlooped versions of some bowed samples) and a 242 MB download.

In addition to basic arco and pizz mappings, there are also three-voice and six-voice versions. They don't sound like a very realistic bass section, but they are great at making huge, wide and organic basses for EDM or hip-hop.

There's also an earlier sample library of the same bass which is less polished but that sometimes has its advantages - the loudest velocity layers are downright excessive, there are also various scratchy bow noises, and it generally has a wilder, sloppier and brighter character.

This demo is all Meatbass all the time and uses arco, pizzicato and percussive noises.

And a demo track featuring Meatbass and our Swirly Drums.