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Secret Agent Bass 2020

Secret Agent Bass

Price: 39.00 USD

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Price: $39

Samples of an oddball bass guitar made in Poland in 1972. It's got a big but thin hollow body, a medium 32" scale, a bolt-on neck, and flatwound strings. Old-school sounds full of character and thump. Made in the same year and in the same government factory as the guitar we sampled for Secret Agent Guitar.

Key features:

  • Samples played with fingers and pick
  • Four articulations: pluck, ghost note, hammer-on and harmonic
  • Release noise samples
  • Four round robins for all samples except harmonics, which have three
  • Three dynamic layers for finger plucks, two dynamic layers for pick plucks and ghost notes
  • Every string sampled up to the 22nd fret
  • E string additionally sampled tuned down every half-step down to C, and G string sampled at the 23rd fret
  • Violin-style and guitar-style vibrato, with humanization
  • Emulated muting and feedback
  • Over 7000 24-bit 44.1 KHz WAV samples adding up to more than 5 GB extracted

Waltkthrough video:

A hip-hop track using this bass, as well as Snowkiss Guitar and Torgbe.

And a song by one of our beta testers. Secret Agent Bass is all over this EP, but it's most prominent in this track.

And finally, a short video of the bass we sampled, being played by a human bassist.

Requires 4 GB of RAM and an SSD.