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Torgbe 2020


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Torgbe means "king", and it is the male sequel to Hadziha. This choir was recorded in Ghana by Pj Daauthor, who also did the vast majority of the work from recruiting the singers to narrating the walkthrough.

There are six vowels here, hummed mm sustains, and thirteen playable phrases of a two-three syllables each, and a patch with all syllables. The phrases are in Ewe, Akan and Ga-Adangbe. We include the meanings of the phrases in the documentation, so you can know what the choir is singing about, and pick a phrase whose meaning fits.

The choir is four guys, though the unison knob uses the transposition trick to make it sounds like eight. There are even bonus samples of talking and laughter captured between takes.



A hip-hop track using the bonus samples in the intro and outro, two phrases during the hook, and the mm sustains during the verses:

And a pair of very electronic demos: