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Vengeful Cello 2019

Vengeful Cello

Price: 59.00 USD

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A cello sample library full of strange, wild and often aggressive sounds. Though everything was recorded in just one afternoon, there are nineteen different techniques here, and over 4000 44.1 kHz 24-bit samples. It covers everything from warm sul tasto sustains to scratchy colle, harmonics recorded with the fingering slipping, and pizzicato performed like a jazz bassist.

Also included are an emulated section of three celli, with the extra two being transposed copies miked from a little farther away, and a subtractive synthesizer. There are even two swappable GUI skins, one based on photos and the other with retro pixel graphics. And yes, this is recorded with the same cellist and same cello the free library we released in 2014 together with bigcat instruments, though a whole lot more detailed and varied.


Short demo by Rotho:

And a demo by Aku P showing its use as a synthesizer as well as a cello:

Articulation list:

  • regular sustains
  • regular shorts
  • regular marcato
  • regular tremolo
  • sul tasto sustain
  • sul tasto shorts
  • sul tasto marcato
  • ponticello sustain
  • ponticello shorts
  • ponticello marcato
  • ponticello tremolo
  • jete
  • colle
  • spiccato
  • harmonics
  • unclean harmonics
  • quick unclean harmonics
  • pizzicato
  • ghost notes