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Vengeful Violin 2021

Vengeful Violin

Price: 29.00 USD

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Our latest release, available at an intro price until the end of April 2021. Regular price $59.

Taking everything we've learned making the other Vengeful strings, we've finally completed the set and sampled a violin. As you'd expect, there are more than two dozen articulations, and layering patches for thousands of articulation combinations. We worked with the excellent Mateusz Moś to record this, so even the harshest articulations are consistent, controlled and musical.

We pedantically refuse to call these strings a string quartet - a string quartet is two violins, and no bass.




  • Ordinary sustain (2 round robins, 4 dynamic layers)
  • Ordinary staccato (4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Sustain sul ponticello (2 round robins)
  • Staccato sul ponticello (4 round robins)
  • Sustain sul tasto (2 round robins)
  • Staccato sul tasto (4 round robins)
  • Tremolo
  • Tremolo sul ponticello
  • Tremolo burst
  • Wind noise
  • Spiccato (2-4 round robins, 2 dynamic layers)
  • Tip spiccato (4 round robins)
  • Ricochet (3 round robins)
  • Jete (4 round robins)
  • Colle (2-4 round robins)
  • Pizzicato (2-4 round robins)
  • Warm spectral scrubs
  • High spectral scrubs
  • Artificial harmonics (2 round robins)
  • Natural harmonics
  • Unclean harmonics (2 round robins)
  • Noises (3-4 round robins)