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War Tuba 2017

War Tuba

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War Tuba is a tuba sample library created with the tuba player from Hańba!, Karoryfer Lecolds' surprisingly successful folk-punk band. It contains recordings of a "regular" Bb tuba, not an acoustic locator - we just used pictures of the latter for the GUI because they're great pictures.

A raw and impolite tuba with staccatissimo, staccato and sustains plus breath noises, valve noises and yelling through the tuba. A great tuba for various folky and jazzy styles, or for adding a rough edge to more civilized classical tuba samples.

We've also included simulated two-tuba and three-tuba sections, for larger brass bands and epic excess. For those who want to "take arms against a sea of tubas", there's also the Tubaborg, a synthesque steampunk contraption with four oscillators.

Here is a naked demo, using no effects except for Sforzando's built-in ambience reverb.

And a song using the War Tuba as a featured solo instrument (plus a Spanish Vocaloid singing in Polish!)