Karoryfer Lecolds

Bear Sax


Bear Sax

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Samples of a very nice Conn baritone saxophone from 1926. This is our first instrument to include cross-faded dynamic layers for the sustain notes, making it the most realistically expressive thing we've done to date. Also included are staccato, subtone and growl articulations.

Also included are breath and mechanical noises, which we've also used to create the Bearcussion instrument, and as with our last few instruments there's also a subtractive synthesizer made from its samples - the Bearborg.

Here's a simple solo demo playing a bit of Edvard Grieg.

The below demo uses a lot of Bearcussion and multiple articulations from the basic instrument, but no external effects and no Bearborg.

This instrument might originally have been released on April 1 with a different description and GUI.

Bear Sax requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.845 or newer. Free download, open source and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use, including conversion into other sampler formats and redistribution as part of larger sample libraries.