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Karoryfer x bigcat cello


Karoryfer x bigcat cello

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In addition to the big ZIP button above, you can download this library from github which might be faster depending on your location.

This cello now has a big sister - Vengeful Cello is a much more detailed sample library recorded with the same cellist and same cello. It's available for an intro price of just $19 until September 1st, then goes up to $59, so go get it!

This collaborative release by Karoryfer Lecolds and bigcat instruments is a cello sample library for Plogue sforzando and Native Instruments Kontakt, which is intended to be flexible and easy to use. The recordings are close-miked, recorded without vibrato, and unprocessed, so there's no pre-baked reverb, compression or EQ. You can shape the vibrato and other aspects of the sound using the provided controls and external effects, which makes this cello especially suited to pop, rock or EDM tracks.

The cellist had just received her master's degree in cello performance a few days before these samples were recorded, and now performs with an orchestra as well as the band Same Suki. In her spare time, she enjoys pretending to ride sculptures of penny farthing bicycles (or so it seems from the GUI wallpaper photo).

All notes are sampled every minor third. There are also bonus harmonics slides and percussive noises mapped to the keys above the notes. Sustain (looped for infinite sustain), staccato and pizzicato samples are the main articulations.

Total number of samples: 479. Total download size: 126 MB.

The Sforzando and Kontakt instruments both include controllable vibrato, legato and humanization though the implementations and quite different. The Sforzando instrument also adds 4-voice and 8-voice mappings as a bonus.

Cello samples performed by Kamila Borowiak, recorded and edited by Karoryfer Lecolds. SFZ mappings by Karoryfer Lecolds, require Plogue sforzando version 1.845 or newer. Kontakt instruments created by bigcat instruments using the WIPS scripts by Robert D. Villwock. Kontakt full version 5.5.1 or higher required for those. Wallpaper photo copyright Kacper Wiśniewski.

Copyright 2016 bigcat instruments and Karoryfer Lecolds. Royalty-free for use in all non-commercial and commercial productions. If you want to distribute these in a different sampler format or as part of a larger sample library, please be kind enough to inform Karoryfer Lecolds.