Karoryfer Lecolds




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In addition to the big ZIP button above, this library can be downloaded from Audiobombs, which seems to be faster from most locations.

We've released several bass libraries already, but these samples were played by someone who is the complete opposite of our usual bass sample guy. She not only has very good hair, but also actually listens to music that has bassists playing basses. These samples are not polite and have a ton of character. The strings get plucked hard and rattle against the frets. The bass (a Squier Jazz) is a classic design and the tuning is standard, so this is our best library for an archetypal bass guitar sound which could never be mistaken for anything else.

The sustained notes have four round robins and four velocity layers. Even the quietest layer is not all that gentle and the loudest layer, though plucked with the fingers, is so hard it sounds almost like slap. The staccato notes are plucked even harder, with only one vicious velocity layer and five round robins, and their endings are also used for the release samples. Everything is sampled every minor third, with the low string also sampled tuned down to C#. Finally, there are some pick scrapes with four round robins. All together that makes 310 24-bit 44.1 kHz wav samples and a 159 MB download.

SFZ mappings are included. They should work with most SFZ-compatible samplers, but we've tested them with Plogue Sforzando so we recommend using that. There are seven mappings, including three where we just had fun throwing realism out the window.

  • Dirty: sustained notes with release samples
  • Clean: sustained notes with no release samples
  • Vicious: staccato notes
  • Angry: both sustained and staccato notes at once, plus release samples
  • Weird: just the release samples, triggered on key attack
  • Excessive: all sustained and staccato round robins at once for a total of nine voices
  • Shifty: three voices spread in stereo, with two of them created by shifting higher samples down

The recordings are direct with both pickups on and all knobs on 10, and not processed with anything except for noise reduction. So, they'll work best with an amp simulator to complete a classic bass guitar sound. The first half of the below demo uses the dirty mapping with free amp sim and channel strip plugins, and the second half is the shifty mapping with a basic low-pass filter sweep, reverb and compression for a more synthlike sound.

Growlybass is a free download and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use, including redistribution of samples in other forms. In other words, you can even make a Kontakt or VSTi version if you want. But if you do, please keep the GUI good looking.