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Price: $39.

Hadziha means "singers", and that's what it is - a simple virtual choir recorded in Ghana, with a sound that's full of character and energy. It was created in partnership with Pj Daauthor, a rapper who recruited the singers, recorded them, did much of the sample editing and took the photographs. we've been working together for a while - before this he also edited the samples for our Unruly Drums, recorded bobobo drums for Gogodze Phu Vol I, and came up with the whole Gogodze Phu name in the first place.

But back to Hadziha - there are six vowels here, and ten playable phrases of a few syllables each. It's also possible to mix and match the syllables from all the phrases. We include the meanings of the phrases in the documentation, so you can know what the choir is singing about, and pick a phrase whose meaning fits.

The samples are of six singers and are all close-miked. The vowels were additionally recorded with five other singers. The phrases are in the Ewe/Anlo and Ashanti languages.

A walkthrough video, also including brief explanations of the relevance of vaccination requirements, and what the singers failed to record because they kept giggling too much.

A short demo track.

And another demo, featuring Vengeful Bass and Hadziha.

It all adds up to over 2000 samples and about 1 GB of data.