Karoryfer Lecolds

Ironface Draft



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Don't confuse me with logic.
- Ironface
What is this, your intuition?
- Omega Doom
This is a trick. I know it.
- Ironface

In addition to the big ZIP button above, this library can be downloaded from Audiobombs, which seems to be faster from most locations.

The end result of one bassist's quest to construct a virtual cyborg bassist version of himself, this is a virtual synthesizer using samples of a bowed double bass as oscillators. It's named after a killer droid from the movie Omega Doom, directed by Albert Pyun. The reason for picking this name is that this whole idea is about as incomprehensible and alien to most people as an Albert Pyun movie. Also, Ironface, like the rest of the Roms, looked great (she was played by Cynthia Ireland, sister of Kathy Ireland the classic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue model), and you might as well name your synths after great looking killer droids. That, and it's one of the most awesome names in the history of names.

Ironface combines controls which would be found on a typical analog synthesizer with some modern digital features like polyphony and the ability to play each note using 1, 3, 5, 7 or 17 (because nothing exceeds like excess) unison voices at once. The "right" sample is used - the one closest to the note we want to play - plus some "wrong" samples retuned to the right pitch. Each voice is then detuned separately, and the sample playback start points are randomized by different amounts which combined with the fact that the sounds are recordings of a double bass being bowed makes for very organic timbres. Since this library is pretty much the first of its kind, we're not yet sure what it's really good for, but it can definitely do strings, basses, pads and plucks, and even a cheesy organ. Not yet sure what genres it's best suited to, but try it for deep house warmth.

The download includes 44 WAV files (though there are really only 17 different samples, with the extra files being different versions of them), an SFZ mapping with 406 regions, and 21 SFZ files with the controls preset to different values. The download size is 22.9 MB.

The demo is all Ironface with no other sound sources and no effects at all, except for compression on the master channel.

Ironface, Cowsynth and our cello are layered together to make the droning strings in the below track with Ironface being the main component. The "weird" mapping of Growlybass is also used for the vaguely mbira-like metallic plunks.

Ironface requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.809 or newer. It is a free download, open source and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use.

And if anything looks strange, kill him.
- Blackheart
Things look strange to me right now.
- Ironface