Karoryfer Lecolds

Nathan Sheeran Vol 1: Spaceship Kitchen


Nathan Sheeran Vol 1: Spaceship Kitchen

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A special release to celebrate the first anniversary of Karoryfer Samples, this pack contains sounds recorded or synthesized by Nathan Sheeran. They range from the kitchen to the spaceship. Or maybe it's all sounds you could hear in a kitchen if the kitchen was the kitchen of a spaceship. Either way, we unintentioanlly ended up with two anniversary packs which both have a culinary theme and a connection to space.

In this one there are 41 kicks, 32 miscellaneous percussion sounds cut from kitchen sounds (ice, whisky, beer...), 17 risers and impacts for EDM and 27 sci-fi sound effects. That's a total of 119 44.1 kHz WAV files adding up to 47.9 MB. Our personal favorite is the one-shot sounds of whisky being poured. They make great bongos. You can hear some of them, along with sounds from all the other categories, in this demo.

Photograph by Bradley Tomas Nolan