Karoryfer Lecolds




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A unique bagpipes library, using the mantle of a large squid as the bag. This was not a durable instrument in the long term, obviously, but existed long enough to record these samples before being eaten. Well, not really. This was released on April 1, and the description is fictional, but the sound is real.

Why? Because in Warhammer, goblins play squigpipes made from a squiggly beast. According to lore, they sound much more cacophonous than bagpipes. Inspired by that, we came up with squidpipes, and they do sound cacophonous indeed.

By trimming the PVC pipes and retuning between notes, we were able to sample the instrument chromatically, including the drone. The instrument works like bagpipes with a constant drone note regardless of which melody note is being played, but the drone is keyswitchable, making it playable in any key.

Because nobody really needs unusual bagpipes, we also made two extra instruments: a squidotron and a squynth. The download is a mercifully small 42 MB, contains over 400 samples, a bank for Plogue Sforzando, and SFZ mappings.

Requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.933 or newer.