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War Tuba


War Tuba

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War Tuba is a tuba sample library created with the tuba player from Hańba!, Karoryfer Lecolds' surprisingly successful folk-punk band. It contains recordings of a "regular" Bb tuba, not an acoustic locator - we just used pictures of the latter for the GUI because they're great pictures.

This raw and impolite tuba also marks a major milestone for us, as we broke the one thousand sample barrier. More specifically, there are three articulations sampled: staccatissimo with three dynamic layers and four round robins; staccato with four dynamic layers and three round robins; and sustains. Breath noises, valve noises and yelling through the tuba round things out. Everything is recorded through two microphone positions: an overhead condenser mic, and for extra punk (and extra low end) a dynamic mic permanently taped inside the bell. That makes this a great tuba for various folky and jazzy styles, or for adding a rough edge to more civilized classical tuba samples.

We've also included simulated two-tuba and three-tuba sections, for larger brass bands and epic excess. For those who want to "take arms against a sea of tubas", there's also the Tubaborg synth which is a steampunk contraption with four oscillators - hard (single-cycle waveforms extracted from the loudest moments of the loudest, shortest notes), soft (looped sustain waveforms), sub (looped dynamic mic sustain), and breath (not one but three layers of breath noise).

Here is a naked demo, using no effects except for Sforzando's built-in ambience reverb.

War Tuba requires Plogue Sforzando version 1.845 or newer. Free download, open source and royalty-free for all commercial and non-commercial use, including conversion into other sampler formats and redistribution as part of larger sample libraries.

And a song using the War Tuba as a featured solo instrument (plus a Spanish Vocaloid singing in Polish!)