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We make virtual musical instruments, often sampling oddball noisy techniques or weird old instruments. Sometimes both, like the time we borrowed one of the last guitars made in the Soviet Union, and played it by hitting the strings with a pencil.

Small but intercontinental, we have bases in Poland and Ghana. Some of our samples were recorded in places as distant as Australia. As always, more samples are in the orks... we mean works.

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Vengeful Violin: An aggressive violin with powerfully cutting shorts, smooth tremolos, and weird noises. Price: $59.

Vengeful Viola A viola that's not content to be a warm background instrument. A huge range of unusual articulations, and plenty of ruthless aggression. Price: $59.

Vengeful Cello: A cello with, again, a lot of different techniques sampled, including the scratchy and aggressive, and bonus cyborgs. Price: $59.

Vengeful Bass: Double bass with more than two dozen articulations, including plenty of aggressive rhythmic ones. Plus, hundreds of combinations of layered articulations. Price: $59.

Kemençe of the Black Sea: A string instrument from the southern shores of the Black Sea, played in a style that's more indie than trad. Price: $39.

Torgbe: A male choir recorded in Ghana, with six vowels and thirteen playable phrases in the Ewe, Ashanti and Ga-Adangbe languages. Price: $39.

Hadziha: A female choir recorded in Ghana, with six vowels and ten playable phrases in the Ewe and Ashanti languages. Price: $39.

Nanfo: Four West African harps and two xylophones, including one instrument so newly invented it hasn't been patented yet. Price: $39.

Snowkiss Guitar: A modern boutique indie guitar, with a huge variety of different techniques sampled - even playing behind the bridge. Our largest library so far, at over 5.5 GB. Price: $39.

Secret Agent Guitar: A virtual guitar with personality, this library contains over 10000 samples of a bizarre hollowbody electric made in Poland in the 1970s. Can be used as 6-string or 12-string. Price: $39.

Secret Agent Bass: A 70s hollowbody bass made in Poland, with lots of thumpy character. Price: $39.

Glockenskull Guitar The final stage of the evolution of Soviet guitars, with weird techniques. Price: $19.

Big Rusty Drums: Great sounds from cheap drums. A unique and oversized drum kit made in a one-man workshop in Poland decades ago. Price: $39.

Unruly Drums: A kit where every drum is a snare, ranging from a vintage 60s Trixon to a 22" giant. Price: $39.

Frankensnare: Create your own monster snares from a huge variety of acoustic snare samples - small, medium, huge and just plain weird - plus claps and other extras. Price: $19.

Swirly Drums: You get brushed drums with extra kit pieces like cracked cymbals, brushed darbouka, and a cajon used as a kick. Price: now just $9.

Our free libraries are:
The Hat With The Phat: Two ride cymbals adding up to a giant hi-hat. Download
Caveman Cosmonaut: Analog Polish keys from the 80s, sampled and given modern controls. Download
Squidpipes: Bagpipes made using a squid instead of a squig. Of course. Download
Gogodze Phu Vol II: A variable fidelity drum kit - lo-fi, hi-fi or anywhere inbetween. Download
Gogodze Phu Vol I: A percussion collection with five bobobo drums from Ghana and a cajon recorded in Poland. Download
Marie Ork: A voice bank for Plogue Alter/Ego. Capable of growling, singing, and many strange sounds. Download
Bear Sax: A baritone saxophone made in 1926 by Conn. Download
War Tuba: Over 1000 samples of folk-punk tuba. Download
Meatbass: Our most popular freebie, this double bass is more folk/pop than classical. Download
Karoryfer x bigcat cello: A flexible cello. Also with NI Kontakt version. Download
String Cyborgs: Part violin family, part machine. Subtractive synthesizers using looped samples of bowed strings instead of synthesis. Download
Weresax: Tenor sax samples. Download
Scarypiano: Piano samples passed through scary effects. Download
Shinyguitar: Shiny black archtop guitar. Download

Earlier libraries with no graphical user interface

Our free sample libraries can be downloaded directly using the links above - no registration, like or donation required. Most of the free samples have a CC-BY attribution, but we only want attribution if you're going to redistribute these samples as samples or as part of larger sample libraries. If you are using them in tracks, feel free to ignore the attribution part with any of the instrument libraries.

If you're interested in how we do this stuff, we also contribute to the open source SFZ format documentation project, including detailed descriptions of how we've implemented features like humanized vibrato and brushed drum stirs.

Any questions or comments about our samples? Email samples@karoryfer.com